Bloomberg Delegates can Dine in Groups of 5 But we cannot Dine in with Family Members

Delegates of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore are allowed to dine in groups of 5. Meanwhile, Singaporeans who are fully vaccinated cannot dine in with 4 other household members. What is this double standard?

The Bloomberg forum will take place in Singapore from 16 to 19 November, where the latest safe management measures still apply. It was said to have “strict measures” e.g. having delegates test negative everyday. But they allow them to dine in groups of 5 while the rest of the country can only dine in pairs.

5 days ago, Lawrence Wong said it is “too risky” for 5 household members to dine at the same restaurant. He was responding to the Restaurant Association of Singapore, who asked to let families dine in together. He said they cannot allow it because of the “pressure on the healthcare system”.

It is “risky” for us but not “risky” for delegates. Why are they allowed to dine in groups of 5? Do different rules apply because they are delegates of an economy forum? If we are fully vaccinated and test negative for the day, will the task force extend the same rule and allow us to dine in with our family members?

The rules are inconsistent and we deserve an explanation. When foreigners come to Singapore, they must follow our rules. If the MTF can give them exceptions but deny us the same, then it must be prepared to answer to Singaporeans.