JB Petrol

How Much Money Do You Save If You Go To JB For Petrol?

When the border reopened, many Singaporeans went straight to JB for petrol. We saw multiple videos of Singaporeans even tilting their cars for maximum consumption.

How much can you save?

A netter on reddit decided to do the calculation. Based on his personal experience, he would save $8.22 per trip going to JB for fuel. This amount factors in the petrol needed for the trip itself.

Source: Reddit

Some netters also share that while this amount may not seem like much, they share that they save more by purchasing groceries and other necessities while they are in Malaysia. This includes groceries, household products, and medicine.

Others decided that the $8.22 is not really worth the time, plus they end up spending the savings on other things while they are in Malaysia.

However, netters also point out that they like to make it a day trip so that they can experience the best things in life at a fraction of the cost. For example, they can enjoy a good hair treatment for less than a $100, while it costs $200-300 in Singapore. Nails, facial, massages, and even cafe hopping is also cheaper in Malaysia.

What do you think? What do you do in JB? Is the $8.22 savings on petrol per trip worth it? Comment below.