FW Strike

Chinese Company Withholds Salaries, Workers Go On Strike At AMK

On 18 October, foreign workers went on strike at NCS Ang Mo Kio. Using a lorry to block entry to the main building, the workers held up sign asking for their salaries. They allegedly have not been paid for 3 months.

Credit: Murali Alichetty

Although the lorry appears to be from a “Zhengda Corporation”, the workers seemed to be asking money from “Shanghai Chong Kee” or “上海忠记私人有限公司”. Other things on their signs were “欠钱不还” (owe money never pay) and “欠债还钱” (owe money pay money).

Credit: Murali Alichetty

Security guards and police officers arrived shortly after to end the strike.

Who is Shanghai Chong Kee Pte Ltd?

Shanghai Chong Kee appears to be an international firm specializing in interior construction. According to their website, they have offices in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bahrain, and Myanmar.

From its name, and from the fact that these non-mandarin speaking workers chose to hold up signs in Chinese, the company seems to have pretty strong China roots. The signs may have been written by Chinese workers who are too afraid to take part in the strike. After all, these workers are putting their jobs at risk, they could lose their work permits from this.

Seems like the Chinese elites are that ruthless, they are willing to take advantage of their own people.